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Blushing Blossom Bracelet Set - 8.5"

Blushing Blossom Bracelet Set - 8.5"

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‼️Mix ‘n’ Match Stacks‼️

•$8 per stack
•Latex free
•Food grade silicone
•Super stretchy and durable
•Will NOT pull your arm hair—I wore one all weekend as a HAIRTIE and it didn’t pull at all!
•Sold in stacks of 6 jelly bracelets
•Available in (3) sizes—6.5in, 7.5in, and 8.5in


‼️The bundles you see, that’s the colors you will be receiving are exactly what’s pictured. Each size is a different bundle of colors. The order I currently have in production, you will be able to create your own custom bundles by picking any of the 6 colors I offer‼️

These jelly stacks are SO much fun and a throwback for sure!! These are NOT the ones we all wore in the 90s where your hair would get ripped out of your arm….these will not pull your hair at all (I actually wear them as a hair tie as well)! They are made from silicone and will come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!!!


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